First ever 4D NFT collection.

500 hours of render farm simulation, sold out in 90 seconds.

A collection of 9999 “Topians”, each defined through a unique ensemble of interdigitated bricks.



9999 Bricktopians are introduced to the world, each brick is tessellated meticulously by our algorithm as though placed by a child’s hand.


Bricktopians ascend from the 3D to 4D world, each knighted with a bespoke physics simulation.

This was a decathlonic feat, a world first for an NFT collection.


A deflationary mechanism that enables BricktOwners to unlock rare novel traits, through burning an existing Bricktopian.

Enter the Forge here.


A physically redeemable metaverse wearable. This handshake between physicality and virtuality represents a world first interpretation of footwear.

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As as an expression of gratitude for your continued support, all BricktOwners will receive access to the free collection.

Law Degree

@Law Degree is a creative & technical octopus.

His resume features collaborations with Virgil Abloh, Yeezy, Future, Young Thug and Russell Westbrook.

Benefits to Bricktopian collectors

Bricktopians are Law Degree’s progenitor NFT collection, they act as a mintpass, providing discounted, accelerated access to the Brain Boots and all of his future collections.