🧱 Bricktopians

A deflationary collection, built by supercomputers.

In 2021, we launched Bricktopians to prove it was possible to create a collection of 10,000 unique characters, all moving in their own unique way, with unique physics, based on the bricks that they are made from.

No two Bricktopians are made from the same Brick construction.

We did this so that our holders could have an NFT that would never ever be replicated.

Today, Bricktopians stands 1.5 years later as the foundation that we build upon, and as a representation of our commitment to quality in everything that we build for our holders.

⚒️ The Forge

In 2022 we launched a mechanism called The Forge. This allowed holders to burn one NFT to upgrade another.

Since its release, there are now only 8,500 Bricktopians remaining.

(1,500 burnt through The Forge)

We are continuing to expand on The Forge, and periodically reopen it to allow more Bricks to be burnt. Keep an eye out for upcoming releases.

🧠 Brain Boot

In 2023, Bricktopian holders will get access to the Brain Boot. A fully 3D printed sneaker, built by Web3, for Web3. 

The Brain Boot is a physical sneaker, that will be released through an NFT that is burnt to redeem the physical. This means that as collectors burn their NFTs, the NFT gets rarer over time.

The Brain Boot will celebrate all the ideals that Web3 is built on. It will have 1-of-1 sneakers, rare physicals that match the digital, limited edition variants and in future will be made collaboratively with other collections.

All of this has been made possible by 1.5 years of research and development with industry leaders in 3D printing.

✨ Beyond

Everything that we build is created to drive value back to our Bricktopian holders. 

Whether it be emerging deflationary mechanisms, rare physicals or our upcoming free collection, value creation for Bricktopian holders is at the core of our ecosystem.

The future is bright for Bricktopians.


Built by Alex & Law

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